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Unable to Load Workbook – Excel Services MOSS 2007

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Visitando um cliente essa semana. Encontrei este cenário, onde algumas planilhas não carregavam no Excel Services.


Podemos usar o Excel Services, no MOSS 2007, para mostrar informações tanto estáticas quanto dinâmicas. Apenas precisamos ter cautela com os recursos que colocamos na planilha, alguns muito avançados não vão rodar. 


Unable to Load Workbook – The workbook that you selected cannot be loaded because it contains features that are not supported by Excel Services.

A planilha que tentamos abrir no Excel Services possuía, neste carro, PivotTables muito avançadas. :S


Caso, ainda sim, seja necessário abrir a planilha via Excel Services, precisamos remover qualquer recurso que o Excel Services não suporte. Aqui vai uma lista de alguns deles:

  • Code. This includes workbooks with VBA macros, form controls, toolbox controls, Microsoft Excel 5.0 dialog sheets, and XLM macro sheets.


Excel Services supports user-defined functions that are written in managed code. Native code add-ins like XLL files are not directly supported. However, you can use "wrappers" to call the native code functions. 

  • Information Rights Management (IRM) protection.
  • ActiveX controls.
  • Embedded smart tags.
  • PivotTables report with multiple consolidation ranges.
  • External references (workbooks that contain links to other workbooks).
  • Workbooks saved in formula view.
  • XML expansion packs.
  • XML maps.
  • Data validation.
  • Query tables, SharePoint lists, Web queries, and text queries.
  • Workbooks that reference add-ins.
  • Workbooks that use the RTD() function.
  • Workbooks that use workbook and worksheet protection.
  • Embedded pictures or clip art.
  • Cell and sheet background pictures.
  • AutoShapes and WordArt.
  • Ink annotations.
  • Organization charts and diagrams.
  • DDE links.

Documentação completa hein: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms496823(v=office.12).aspx – Unsupported Features in Excel Services


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